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Michelle March’s story

Author: Kids Come First | Les enfants avant tout

19 August 2021

Michelle March photo

Michelle March, 19, and her mom Amélie moved to Ottawa hoping for better access to health care. Michelle is an articulate, self-aware young woman who understands that her health needs are complex. She needs support dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and dissociative personality disorder. Mom, Amélie, is loving and supporting.

Michelle’s first family doctor in Ottawa was not well versed in the supports available for a young woman dealing with issues like Michelle.

“It was a frustrating experience,” says Michelle. “I needed help but my first doctor did not seem to believe that a young person like me could have such severe mental health issues. She did not know what to do. She did not know what was available or where to send me.”

The Kids Come First Health Team’s first-year goals include:

Implement a regional “One phone number/One click” resource for those looking for service information including children, youth and families/caregivers, as well as service providers.

Kids Come First will help young women like Michelle by equipping primary-care providers with better access — they will know who to call, for what, and when, to support their children and youth.