Francophone Populations

Kids Come First serves the largest Francophone population in Ontario which includes 42.7% of the province’s child and youth Francophones. In 2016, hundreds of children, youth, families and providers came together to produce THRIVE, Canada’s first-ever pediatric health services capacity plan. To supplement the regional THRIVE plan, the Kids Come First Health Team made it a priority to address the needs of the underrepresented francophone children and youth by developing population-specific strategies, led by the francophone community.

The Francophone working group of Kids Come First has partnered with OZi to complete an analysis of the current state of health services for Francophone children, youth and their families. The project includes two deliverables:

  • An online interactive platform that offers a portrait of determinants of health, along with services available for the Francophone children, youth and their families; and
  • A report highlighting the findings, service gaps and making recommendations for future considerations.