Digital Health

Kids Come First is powered by digital health, and we will use digital health tools and virtual care to magnify our shared pediatric expertise to support children and youth in our region and across all OHT’s; ensuring all providers have access to the tools and experts they need to provide the appropriate care for the children and youth in their care. Kids Come First includes partners including hospitals, service provider organizations and others with extensive experience with innovation in digital health platforms.

Young people – and now most of their parents – are digital natives who use technology in every facet of their lives and have high expectations of the health care system in this respect. We will harness those expectations, skills and engagement to advance this important agenda.

Through consultation with Kids Come First partners, a review of both the application and the Digital Health Playbook, five functional priorities were identified as follows:
1. Virtual Care
2. Children, Youth & Families accessing their records
3. A comprehensive record
4. Supporting Transitions/Referrals and Consultations
5. Quality Improvement & Best Practice implementation

Woman teaches a girl using a laptop