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Christie Kopczyk’s story

Author: Kids Come First | Les enfants avant tout

19 August 2021

Christie Kopczyk photo


“Some days I feel like I am his case coordinator, instead of his mom,” says Christie Kopczyk of her 14-year-old son Troy.

“As a parent, you have to learn about all of the care you can get for your son to give him his best opportunity to thrive.”

Before birth, Troy was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. By the time he started Grade 1 Troy had seven brain surgeries and hours of speech language therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. More recently, he has had some mental health challenges with ADHD impacting his academics and social skills.

“Once Troy started school, there were gaps in his care,” Christie says. “The school system tries but you wind up with a visit from therapists once every six weeks for 25 minutes that gives some suggestions on exercises and how to help him in the classroom. “

With the support of his mom, along with dad Greg and brothers Tristan, 11, and Jake, 6, Troy is succeeding in Grade 9.

The Kids Come First Health Team’s first-year goals include:

Establish a fully-integrated pediatric home-care program, focused on the needs of patients and families, and connecting care and providers across acute, post-acute, home and community settings.

Kids Come First will help families like the Kopczyks by integrating health care in the community, including school systems.