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Who We Are

Kids Come First is an independent not-for-profit organization advocating for quality K-12 education across Alberta.

Our mission is to build a better future for students by improving math education, advancing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) learning and ensuring as much education funding as possible is reaching the classroom.

Children should always be at the centre of education policy-making and we advocate for policies and practices that provide maximum benefit to students.

What We Do

Educate: By increasing awareness about key challenges and sharing relevant data, we work to educate parents, educators, policy-makers and citizens to build understanding and support for improving education in Alberta. We also bring together a wide variety of expert voices representing a range of perspectives to promote promising education practices and support engaged, informed dialogue on important education topics. We want to empower all Albertans to speak up and call for a stronger education system.

Advocate: We develop pragmatic recommendations for policies, programs and practices and support initiatives that will bring about meaningful change in education at the provincial and local levels. Our key goals include: improving math literacy, elevating STEAM education as a provincial priority and ensuring that as much education funding as possible ends up in the classroom where it helps students and educators the most. Children should always be at the centre of education policy-making and we advocate for policies and practices that provide maximum benefit to students. As our name proudly says: Kids Come First.

Why It Matters

A truly great education system changes everything. It supports excellence, enables young people to reach their true potential and provides equitable access to the knowledge and skills that prepare students for the future and creates a rich and diverse workforce. Incorporating STEAM education provides students with the skills and knowledge they will need to tackle to most challenging and complex challenges of our time while also increasing opportunity, transforming communities, supporting economic diversification and strengthening the economy. Most of all, a high quality education system changes the lives of its students. Those students go on to be happier, healthier and more successful citizens.

Kids Come First is focused on working with the wider community to ensure that all Albertan students get the high quality education they deserve. The current education system in Alberta is in crisis, with outdated curriculum, falling math scores and one of the lowest graduation rates in Canada. There is a disconnect between school board spending and decisions and the success of students. While outcomes have gone down on many levels, costs for families have gone up as parents are hit by rising school fees and, for many, the costs of out-of-school tutoring. The bottom line: we need to improve the education system for the well-being of our children but also for the future of the province as a whole.

Kids Come First believes that every student in Alberta should be better prepared for their chosen path and future, whether that means moving on to postsecondary education or pursuing a career. This isn't rocket science; it is what our kids deserve and what Alberta needs.


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